Printing Services


Once translated files are processed by our DTP department and go through a DTP check by our staff and by the client, we provide the client with a high resolution PDF file suitable for printing.
However, we also provide printing on demand services that our clients use as part of a multilevel business offer. In case you wish to have one or many copies of your translated documents, manuals, brochures etc. please contact us and we can also arrange to deliver the print-outs either to your offices or directly to your customers.

Terminology Management Services

Terminology Management

Terminology management is a service provided by our company that has proven to be really useful and important for any large translation and localisation project.
New technologies offer us many tools that help us provide consistent and accurate translations in terms of terminology. When it comes to large translation projects, before we start translating, we produce terminology glossaries that our client checks and approves. This way we are certain that the final translation will satisfy our client and will reflect their company’s philosophy, as their corporate terminology will be used.

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